St Annes Pier

St Annes Pier

St Annes Pier is set in the attractive seafront surroundings of a quintessential British coastal resort.

Front entrance of St Annes Pier
St Annes Pier

Close to the pier is an attractive bandstand, Victorian shelters, and sea front gardens with a pond and waterfall complete with resident ducks.

It’s aligned with St Annes town centre. If you head from the main high street towards the sea in a straight line, you won’t be able to miss it, it’s straight in front of you!

The Victorian Architecture of St Annes Pier

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St Annes Pier was designated a Grade II listed building by English Heritage on 21 September 1973. It was originally opened to the public in 1885 at a cost of £18,000 – it was one of the earliest public buildings in St Annes.

St Annes Pier
St Annes Pier and promenade

It’s built in cast iron with a wooden deck and includes shelters and pavilions in cast iron, glass, and wood.

Later changes to the channels in the Ribble estuary to improve access to Preston docks left the pier high and dry and ended the original steamer services to Blackpool and Liverpool.

St Annes Pier
St Annes Pier

The pier started life as a sedate promenading venue, and attractions were later added, along with a Tudor style entrance in 1899.

St Annes Pier
St Annes Pier

In the early 1900’s a Moorish style pavilion followed, and later in 1910 the Floral Hall.

In 1974 a fire destroyed the Pavilion, and another one in 1982 saw the end of the Floral Hall. The amusement arcade was added to the entrance in 1954.

When it was built the pier was 914 feet long, but it was reduced to 600 feet after demolition of the seaward end – you can still see the very end of it today, standing alone on the beach (below).

St Annes Pier
End of St Annes Pier

Improving St Annes Pier

New lights were added to the front of the Pier in 2010 as part of a scheme to illuminate the town at night and make it more attractive to visitors.

In 2012 £75,000 of funding was provided by Fylde Local Strategic Partnership to provide illuminated columns, new surfacing and ornamental bollards to the front of the entrance and forecourt.

Also in 2012, after work on one of the pier’s pavilions, the new Deckhouse Cafe opened at the end of the pier. This was the first new business to open on the pier for 38 years.

St Annes Pier is privately owned by the St Annes Pier Company Ltd.

St Annes Pier
Looking through the legs of St Annes Pier

Facilities and Walking Routes around St Annes Pier

There’s pay and display parking in this area. There is a car park on the forecourt of the pier and another one to the right of it.

St Annes Pier
St Annes Pier

There is free seafront parking along the highway.

There are also Danfo public toilets adjacent to the pier (20p a go).

Walkers will enjoy seafront footpaths, along which you can roam around the coastline. An inner promenade footpath runs along the edge of the beach and additionally the pavement runs along the edge of the highway.

Head south and walk past Fairhaven Lake and onwards to Lytham, or head north towards Blackpool and all that lies beyond. You can (if you wish) continue along the edge of the coast to Fleetwood.

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